I’m second year college student working towards an art degree, with a minor in writing. I was gradually pulled into the world of anime in my elementary school years and by the time high school rolled around there was no turning back. I’m a romantic at heart and once I get comfortable enough you won’t get me to shut up.

As for this blog, Hello Hello Anime is basically what it sounds like, it’s a place where I get to write about the many things of Japanese anime that fascinate me. I love talking with other people who are as interested in this stuff as I am, so feel free to say hello.

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  1. Hello! I usually am at a loss discussing Mawaru Penguindrum so I apologize how I won’t contribute much to your coverage of the show, but I will subscribe :3

    • Nishimura says:

      That’s okay, I’m not much of a deep thinker myself, I just thought it might be fun to write down my reactions to each episode ^^. Well, hopefully you’ll eventually find something here you’ll enjoy reading, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Marow says:

    Hello πŸ™‚
    Was wondering if you have a Twitter account? I’m going to add you to my blog roll.

    • Nishimura says:

      At the moment, I do not have twitter account. I honestly don’t think I’d be all that fun to follow anyway πŸ™‚ But if I ever do, I’ll be sure to put it up somewhere on my blog.

      Oh, and thanks, I’ve been meaning to start a blogroll myself but I always got scared chickened out asking other bloggers if they’d mind. You’ll be the first!

      • Marow says:

        I’m sure it would be fun πŸ™‚

        Haha, you don’t have to worry, other bloggers aren’t that scary! (though, I’ve been hesitant to ask you for blogroll, so who am I to judge :p)

  3. talithavm says:

    Couldnt find any other place to put this but….

    I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award via my latest post, http://sarcasmandanime.wordpress.com/2012/04/10/nominated-for-the-versatile-blogger-award/!!! The rules for the nomination are in the post. :c) Congrats and good luck!

  4. nyaataku says:

    Nice to meet someone who has the same interest!! πŸ™‚ I just started blogging (T_T but i don’t know if you can call randomly writing things blogging) a few days ago and I stumbled across your blog!! Your reviews are awesome!! Can’t wait to see the series you introduced!!

    • Nishimura says:

      Yay for similar interests! πŸ˜€ If you find anything you think I might like don’t hesitate to let me know about it, I love learning about cool manga. Good luck with your blogging and I hope you enjoy your time here.

      • nyaataku says:

        πŸ˜€ Awww, thank you so much! You are so kinddd T___T
        What kind of mangas do you like Nishimura?? Is it okay if I call you Nishimura-chan?? πŸ˜€

      • Nishimura says:

        That’s a toughie. I have a soft spot for romance, but I tend to find it frustrating more than I would like. Why does the course of love never run smooth?!

        Anyway, if the art is interesting, I’ll try just about anything. That’s what ended up causing me to stumble upon Oyasumi PunPun and a horror story called Yuureitou. At the moment, Ran to Haiiro no Sekai is probably the closest you’ll get to something which describes what I like in a manga. It’s got romance, comedy, intrigue, and fantasy all wrapped up into one. Now only if it would update faster…..

      • nyaataku says:

        Ahahaha, this is where the saying “Love is complicated” comes in. πŸ˜›
        Oh my goodness, you read Yuureitou??!! O.O
        The story is so…twisting! Every chapter, and I mean every chapter, I read towards the end I always go “What the heck??!”
        It’s so funny to watch how Taichi is oblivious to the whole thing though XD
        I’m glad that the chapters are updating continuously. It’s a really good plot.

        Ahhh, haven’t read Oyasumi Pun Pun yet…I have to ask…what is it about? All the mangas your reading seem to interest me XP

        I see! I also really love a manga which can combine different genres together without it being over-bearing.
        Yes….if only it would update faster T__T

      • Nishimura says:

        Oyasumi Pun Pun is basically a dark coming of age story where things just go wrong. It’s not uplifting in the slightest and it’s cynical to the tenth degree, but it’s one of those stories where once you pick it up it’s hard to stop reading.

      • nyaataku says:

        Ah yes. The notorious freaky books you just can’t seem to put down.
        By the way you described it, I’m already curious!!

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